TLF Has Bad Taste: Songs That Oppose Their Lyrics


by Keidra Chaney & Raizel Liebler Have you ever listened to a song, humming cheerfully along and then gone “wait, this is a really depressing song!?!”. Then this is for you. Below are some of our favorite and most memorable depressing songs that sound happy — and happy songs that sound down in the dumps. […]



As-I-Play XCOM: Managing the Team (Part Two)

by Kristin Bezio As I continue playing, not much seems to be changing in terms of gameplay other than the expected “more aliens” per mission, “different aliens” on missions, and the constant harping of my German scientist who is quite frankly getting a bit annoying. Managing resources at my base of operations has proven to […]

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The Continuing Influence of Weird Al on Law, Especially Copyright Law

by Raizel Liebler Considering Weird Al has his first #1 album on the Billboard charts, many have taken this as an opportunity to do a retrospective on his career. But outside of his musical and parodic impact, he has also had an impact on law. This isn’t so strange – this album is the last […]

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San Diego Comic Con – Day 2 Recap

by Nicole Keating What a lovely Friday! As I write this recap, I’m waiting in the fabled Hall H line for the Saturday panels, thinking back to this Friday morning when I was able to wake up at a luxurious 6am and still make it into the front of the Indigo Ballroom for the Cartoon […]

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Hey Korra fans: Digital distribution is not the deathknell it used to be!

by Keidra Chaney In yayboo news from San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, it was announced that Avatar: The Legend of Korra would be pulled from Nickelodeon to air online only for the remainder of its third season, due to low ratings in its original airtime slot. Korra fans were publicly distraught at the news, many believing […]

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San Diego Comic Con Recap: Day 1

by Nicole Keating San Diego Comic Con has officially begun! First things first, I LOVE SDCC. I know people complain about lines and commercialism and the dilution of True Nerd Culture, but OMG THIS IS LIKE SECOND CHRISTMAS! It’s basically a four-day non-stop nerd party, and we started the fun almost as soon as we […]

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Webseries Spotlight – Space Happens

Our latest webseries profile is an upcoming project of a TLF regular, guest writer Nicole Keating! We are really excited to see her show, Space Happens. (Ed: this is an e-mail recreation of a really awesome – but sadly lost – conversation between Keidra and Nicole about the show, Orange is The New Black, feminism, […]

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As-I-Play XCOM: Invasion Initiated

by Kristin Bezio So I haven’t played very much in XCOM: Enemy Unknown yet, about forty-five minutes, and most of those I spent horribly confused. XCOM is the first game I’ve played that seems to be a weird hybrid of a real-time-strategy (RTS) game and a shooter, and it’s also turn-based, none of which I […]

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We’re Part of the (Global) Game: U.S., Twitter, and the World Cup 2014

As we reach the end of the World Cup, I figured it would be a good time to look back at the social media impact of the games, as I did four years ago. Certainly, in the world of social media, a lot changes in four years. In 2010, Twitter was pre-IPO, pre-advertising and still […]

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World in Motion

TLF Has Bad Taste: New Order’s World in Motion

by Raizel Liebler Unless you are living under a rock, you’ve noticed World Cup fever — with the quadrennial playing of the beautiful game’s ultimate championship. But have you heard the best World Cup theme song OF. ALL. TIME? By New Order (yes, that New Order!)? Even if you don’t like it, World in Motion […]

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