Scandal Chat – Fall Finale Extravaganza!


VO: I wonder if Olivia regrets her decision at all or wonders if she did right. And HEY MAMA POPE! I love how she’s got both Jake and Fitz under control, but at the same time I love how she turns to Olivia as if she’ll come and save her. And that’s not something that […]



As-I-Play Dragon Age: Inquisition – No One Expects the Inquisition (Part One)

I need to begin this series by explaining that I am a rabid BioWare fangirl. I love the Mass Effect series at perhaps an unhealthy level, and am fond of the Dragon Age series only slightly less. I have played Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Awakening, Dragon Age II, and a whole variety of DLC. […]

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I Read a Book: How to Wreck A Nice Beach

The vocoder is misunderstood. It gets name-dropped by music fans a lot but it often gets mistaken for a talk box, or autotune. People complain about its use in songs but then lionize lots of artists that swear by it. If you brought up a vocoder to a lot of people, they wouldn’t know what […]

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Riding the Public Domain from Denmark to Tokyo: The Continued Influence of The Little Mermaid

by Raizel Liebler Considering the modern ubiquity of British high culture and American pop culture throughout the world, it is frequently surprising to some that cultural knowledge from other segments of Western culture is as well-known worldwide. It is a truth universally acknowledged that Disney takes items in the public domain, creates new works and […]

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Musings of a Black Chick Who Wasn’t Blown Away by Dear White People

As I culled my thoughts about the new film Dear White People, the well-known, oft-repeated saying came to mind: “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” I’d like to contribute a third sentence to that adage: Satire is harder. Satire is an art form that demands both precision and reckless abandon in its execution. A good […]

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Scandal Chat: Season 4, Episode 8

VO: When we last left Jake, he was about to be asked for the weirdest and most awkward threesome ever…. And Jake is suffering the same whiplash that I’m sure many of us are feeling when dealing with Fitz and Olivia. I love how Liv is all “I DON’T WANT YOU TO KILL MY FATHER!” […]

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The Seven Year Itch TLF Style: Our Birthday Post

by the TLF Founders, Keidra & Raizel The Learned Fangirl is now seven years old. Break out the wool and/or copper! We recently came across the presentation that inspired us to start TLF, a presentation at the biennial conference, Media in Transition, Canon vs. Fanon: Folksonomies of Fan Culture. We never formally published this, but […]

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Memento Re-mori: A Review of Monument Valley

Recently, I was reminded of a game I had originally seen announced quite a while ago – Ustwo’s indie puzzle game Monument Valley. Available for $3.99 on iOS, Monument Valley has a higher price-point than many mobile games, but the reviews and interview with Ken Wong (designer for Ustwo) I saw made me curious enough […]

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Artemis from "It's Always Sunny" goes to Washington.

Scandal Chat: Season 4, Episode 7

VO: STOP TELE-EH-PHONE-EN-MEH-MEH-MEH is what I sang immediately when I saw Fitz calling Olivia. While Fitz is the worst, I also love how Olivia is playing him. KC:  Every time I am ready to give up on Olivia as a character she brings me back. Her back and forth with Fitz annoys me but I […]

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5 TLF-Approved Pop Culture Podcasts You Should Listen to Right Now

By Keidra Chaney Since most of us are too broke to do things like go on fancy vacations or go see $11 movies every week, thank goodness we have the Internet to give us cheap daily thrills. Additionally, despite being the Jan Brady of online media, it’s actually a golden age for audio storytelling and […]

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