As-I-Play Borderlands 2: Firebird… Thunderbird… Firehawk… Whatever. It’s a Phoenix. (Part Five)


Okay, so here’s why you should never ever ever EVER stop midway through a quest in Borderlands. When you spawn back in, IT PUTS YOU BACK AT THE BEGINNING. I’ve already progressed through the checkpoints, I have the loot and such, but I have to fight my way back through ALL the enemies I’ve already […]



As-I-Play Borderlands 2: Launch in 3…2…1… (Part Four)

First, one more non-plot quest to grind some XP and level up before I go report to Scooter. So I head out to kill some bullymongs for Sir Hammerlock, which he attempts to rename several times over the course of the mission while asking me to kill them with grenades, then by shooting their rocks, […]

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Scandal Chat: Season 4: Episode 5

VO: I should say right now that Twitter warned me that this episode was booty. And yeah, you know things are sketchy when the smartest people in the room include Quinn. KC: Everyone on this show is going OFF THE DAMN RAILS. I am like “I don’t even know you anymore!” to all of the […]

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Is Selfie the first show that actively engages in social media?

by Vivian Obarski The Internet and television have had a history of odd interactions. While there’s been attempts to engage with Internet culture with blogs — Gossip Girl’s entire plot centered on a blog and instead of writing stories in a diary, John Watson on Sherlock uses a blog to recount his adventures — it’s […]

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As-I-Play Borderlands 2: Following Directions (Part Three)

by Kristin Bezio Today’s mission – hunt down Roland’s missing soldier. Shockingly, he’s still alive when I get to him; not shockingly, he dies after about ten seconds of blathering at me about how a Psycho ran off with the power core that I now need to go fetch. Off I go to fetch. This […]

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The WORST. Worst than a guy that shoots people in the face for his job.

Scandal Chat: Season 4, Episode 4

VO: You know, if you’re a paranoid dude, parking your car in abandoned lots is probably not the smartest idea in the world, Jake. And of course Papa Pope would try and make a move. KC: He’s slipping. VO: HOLY SHIT. OLIVIA POPE IS EATING FOOD. AND RED WINE. KC: This may be the first […]

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TLF Does PCAS – Gamer Style

Over the first weekend in October, three intrepid TLF women set out on separate journeys for New Orleans for the annual Popular Culture Association of the South conference. On the way, they encountered challenges and hurdles in the form of storms, giant metal beasts which blocked their ability to fly, and luggage-chewing serpents hiding in […]

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DC is *never* this cold, Liv.

Scandal Chat Season 4, Episode 3

Guess who’s coming to dinner! VO: You know, for a guy who says he’s not her boyfriend, Jake sure acts like one, despite his objections to dinner with Olivia’s dad. Jake and dinner with Papa Pope is one of those awkward moments. even more so than if the parents caught you having sex. KC: Why […]

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Start the speculation: All-lady Ghostbusters 3 news fires up fandom

by Vivian Obarski A few days ago, my Twitter feed alerted me that the rumors of an all-female Ghostbusters 3 was pretty much a go. Directed by Paul Feig — who has done right with the great Bridesmaids and The Heat (one of my favorite movies of 2013) — the most recent news said that […]

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As-I-Play Borderlands 2: Oops (Part Two)

So the theme of this post is about me making mistakes. First mistake – not remembering (like a total n00b) to check what the buttons on my controller do every time I level up. Turns out, I have a fun power that I didn’t realize I had and that I’ve probably been able to use […]

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