Webseries Spotlight – Space Happens


Our latest webseries profile is an upcoming project of a TLF regular, guest writer Nicole Keating! We are really excited to see her show, Space Happens. (Ed: this is an e-mail recreation of a really awesome – but sadly lost – conversation between Keidra and Nicole about the show, Orange is The New Black, feminism, […]



As-I-Play XCOM: Invasion Initiated

by Kristin Bezio So I haven’t played very much in XCOM: Enemy Unknown yet, about forty-five minutes, and most of those I spent horribly confused. XCOM is the first game I’ve played that seems to be a weird hybrid of a real-time-strategy (RTS) game and a shooter, and it’s also turn-based, none of which I […]

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We’re Part of the (Global) Game: U.S., Twitter, and the World Cup 2014

As we reach the end of the World Cup, I figured it would be a good time to look back at the social media impact of the games, as I did four years ago. Certainly, in the world of social media, a lot changes in four years. In 2010, Twitter was pre-IPO, pre-advertising and still […]

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World in Motion

TLF Has Bad Taste: New Order’s World in Motion

by Raizel Liebler Unless you are living under a rock, you’ve noticed World Cup fever — with the quadrennial playing of the beautiful game’s ultimate championship. But have you heard the best World Cup theme song OF. ALL. TIME? By New Order (yes, that New Order!)? Even if you don’t like it, World in Motion […]

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SOPOCU Con: Singing the praises of a successful, Mississippi-based convention

by K. Hopson My home state just had its first real convention, guys. SOPOCU Con, which stands for Southern Popular Culture Convention, was on June 21 in Jackson, Miss. Yes, I am aware Mississippi is late and infamous for underachievement. Precisely why this is a big step for us! I’m beyond pleased and proud. I […]

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TLF Emmy Chat: Some Quick Thoughts on the 2014 Nominations

By Vivian Obarski and Keidra Chaney VO: I think I’m gonna break this down bit by bit as I stare at the categories to keep this neater. Admittedly I haven’t seen all of these shows (like I said, I tend to come to the party fifteen minutes late), but I’ll confess to having opinions, like […]

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This is The Rewatch – Jem Season 1, Episode 2: Disaster

by Keidra Chaney and Raizel Liebler So the last time we saw Jerrica and The Holograms their ramshackle orphanage, The Starlight House was burning down, thanks to the jack-booted thug that was hired by Eric Raymond to put a scare into them. You know, if there had not been a scene with Eric Raymond on […]

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state of copyright word cloud

I Read A Book: Debora Halbert’s The State of Copyright: the complex relationship of cultural creation in a globalized world

by Raizel Liebler Debora Halbert’s The State of Copyright: the complex relationship of cultural creation in a globalized world is an excellent academic entry to the study of the impact of copyright on our lives. This is definitely an academic read, but manages to cover a wide swathe of different perspectives, including the power dynamic […]

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You Died. Again: A Review of Dark Souls by Someone Who Didn’t Play It

by Kristin Bezio To be fair, I did watch someone play most of the game. Many of those moments repeatedly. And if I wasn’t in the room, the plaintive “Nooooo” that would echo from the living area told me that I’d be able to see whatever it was in another ten minutes. And probably again […]

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from Rain Facebook Page

Update on Rain: X-Men Fan Film Project

by Keidra Chaney A couple of months ago, TLF wrote about a fan-film project focused on Storm from the X-Men, Rain. We decided to catch up with Maya Glick, the creator/star of the film. TLF: Can you give us an update on production? Have you started shooting yet? Maya: 
There have been months and months […]

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