Memento Terra Mori: Elegy for a Dead World


So I purchased Elegy for a Dead World as a stepping-stone game for my “Games, Game Theory, and Leadership Studies” class, to give them a sense of how one might create a narrative without words, but also to help them figure out how to build a narrative for a game of their own. Elegy, for […]



The End of Link Rot at the Supreme Court?

by Raizel Liebler The Supreme Court is well known to be slow to change; however, they just posted a change to their website that will hopefully solve the issues raised in Supreme Court opinion link rot. I am so pleased that my co-written article, Something Rotten in the State of Legal Citation: The Life Span […]

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The Handshake Agreement wearable donations at the V&A Digital Design Weekend

Interview – Heidi Hinder: Making Money More Social

by Keidra Chaney Inspired by a brief residency at the Royal Mint, UK-based artist Heidi Hinder became fascinated with society’s emotional and social connection to money, more specifically, the role that physical currency plays in an age where digital financial transactions are increasingly the norm. Hinder, an artist and maker with training in metalsmithing and […]

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Learn Your History! Hype For “Hamilton” is Justified

by Viv Obarski What hasn’t been said about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton? Ben Brantley of the New York Times simply states, “Yes, it is that good.” Which admittedly was a relief to read — since Miranda performed the opening song in 2009 at the White House, there’s been low-key excitement that’s built to a fevered pitch […]

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Intellectual Privacy

I Read a Book: Neil Richards’ Intellectual Privacy: Rethinking Civil Liberties in the Digital Age

by Raizel Liebler Neil Richards’ Intellectual Privacy: Rethinking Civil Liberties in the Digital Age (Oxford University Press 2015) is an eminently readable book about privacy and the First Amendment — both where the discussion has been and where it is going (in the States). This book does a great job of laying out the history […]

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As-I-Play Bastion: The Kid Gets Up… (Part One)

I’ve heard a lot of things about Bastion over the past few years, and the Steam Summer Sale seemed to present the perfect opportunity for me to see what all the fuss was about (yes, I know the Summer Sale has long since passed, which ought to tell you something). So far, I am not […]

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Scandal Chat is Standing in The Sun

It is with a (kinda) heavy heart that I inform you that Scandal Chat won’t be returning for the show’s 5th season. Viv and I started Scandal Chat at the height of the show’s OMGness and it was a heady time, but we’ve changed, and the show has changed. There was a point where we […]

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As-I-Play Borderlands 2: A Grimm Tragedy (Part Eleven)

So at the end of my last post, I ranted a bit about how I was irritated at this game. And that’s true. As I pressed onward, I ended up back in the pit where Sanctuary used to be surrounded by toxic spitting bugs and giant sand worms, and got killed so many times that […]

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As-I-Play Dragon Age: Inquisition – Well, I Didn’t See THAT Coming (Part Nine)

I have finished Inquisition. That means that everything in this post will spoil you, so really really really really don’t keep reading if you want the ending to be a surprise. I don’t often get surprised by the endings of things – books, movies, games – because I’ve had years of experience honing my narrative […]

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Women are Their Own Reward: New Tropes vs. Women in Video Games (“Women as Reward”)

In the seventh episode (fifth trope) of Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, “Women as Reward,” Anita Sarkeesian is taking on the idea that a woman serves only—or primarily—as a reward for the (presumably male) player or player-character succeeding at a mission or at the whole game. Even before the episode begins, Princess Peach comes […]

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