Scandal Season 3 Finale Chat

crazy eyes for everyone!

Next to last Scandal Chat of the season! Yes, I said next to last, because even though this is the finale, we will be doing a post-season wrap up chat to cover the entire season’s twists, turns and face-palmy moments. Also Viv can’t make it for this final chat so Raizel is taking over today. […]



Anchorman 2′s Surprising Commentary on the Journalism Industry

by Vivian Obarski Anchorman 2 is one of those movies where I didn’t expect much out of it, to be honest. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are a comedic duo that I consider reliable. They may take a joke too far into the land of awkward, but then […]

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Game of Thrones Discussion – Season 4, Episode 2: Till Death Do Us Part

Wow! So much to talk about! Finally, we got what we’ve been waiting for so long: the reappearance of our favorite contortionist, Pixie Le Knot! And some other stuff happened. Plus: How Game of Thrones is like “Brokeback Mountain.” And was that really a reference to “The Ring”? Have a slice of wedding pie — […]

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Three cheers for Drunk Mellie's lux extensions. Team Drunk Mellie. Team Drunk Mellie's extensions.

Scandal Chat: Season 3, Episode 17

VO: We’re not letting up with the action — apparently starting seconds after Jake nearly tried to choke out Olivia. Lots of yelling and screaming regarding recreating B613 and I have to say, I love Rosen’s “Really?” with the revelation that Olivia slept with Jake to tap his phone. KC: Rosen is still the moral […]

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Justified E13

Justified End-of-Season Recap: Are We There Yet?

by Cheryl Collins The next-to-last season of Justified is over. Alas, the risky and compelling themes that raised their heads early in the season — submission and domination, master and slave, as refracted through gender and race — disappeared along the way. It felt like someone said, “Whoa! Real world? That not’s what Justified does.” […]

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When Will U.S. Music Writers Get K-Pop Right?

by Raizel Liebler If Brooklyn Vegan can write about CoC, one of my musical boos, and correctly get their subgenre right — “North Carolinian thrash/sludge/crossover institution” then the way the American music journalism doesn’t write about K-pop is just not excusable any longer. (Yes, I realize that Brooklyn Vegan has been writing about Corrosion of […]

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Film Review – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

by Betsy Scott Steve “Captain America” Rogers is the lovechild of Jason Bourne and Fred Rogers. I decided that while analyzing my feelings for the character. Captain America: The Winter Soldier has much in common with the Bourne movies: a government-created “super soldier” chased by an agency determined to destroy him. Action sequences make up […]

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Hail Hydra is the most refreshing thing to happen to memes in years

by Keidra Chaney Memes aren’t what they used to be. What was once shared and participatory, now seems to be increasingly top down and audience driven. Look at Grumpy Cat: meme turned brand. Even the doge meme, as charming as it was, seemed to be angling towards something more commercial in nature. It’s expected at […]

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Game of Thrones Discussion – Season 4, Episode 1: What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

Yes, yes, we are all still miserable about the Red Wedding, Robb Stark is gone, the North is in shambles, the “Rains of Castamere” makes us cry, boo-hoo … but doesn’t it feel GREAT to have Game of Thrones back? Kick back for some pigeon pie and lemon cakes and enjoy the viewpoints of three […]

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Justified E12

Justified Recap – Episode 12: Getting Back in the Groove?

by Cheryl Collins Raylan finally has a sense of purpose again, and so — maybe — does Justified. As we head into the final episode of this series’ penultimate season, we at last get what we’ve been waiting for: Raylan and Boyd teaming up to get rid of Darryl Crowe. It’s taken a while — […]

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