I Read A Book: Displaced Persons


by Sarah Best – Wilson Displaced Persons, a graphic novel written by Eisner-nominated author Derek McCulloch and illustrated by Anthony Peruzzo, has a plot that might appeal to Whovians who also love noir movies like The Big Sleep. In 1879, an orphan is taken to a convent. In 1939, a private detective is put on […]



As-I-Play XCOM: Hold Your Fire! ( Part Six)

by Kristin Bezio So after spending a good long time failing repeatedly to take down UFOs with my Demon and Raptor ships (and then being yelled at by the Council for failing, despite having the ENTIRE PLANET at a level one panic – again, except Argentina, who quit), I FINALLY brought one down and was […]

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Sherlock and the Emmys: Meh

by Vivian Obarski I saw the Emmys and it was pretty much predictable and well, boring (minus Julia Louis Dreyfus being hilarious with Bryan Cranston and Weird Al and Andy Samberg bringing lyrics to lyric-less theme songs). Admittedly I was surprised that Sherlock got seven awards — the most of that night, but it was […]

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Out of the Background: Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, Part II

 by Kristin Bezio   This is part two of Sarkeesian’s “Women as Background Decoration” trope video. One of the primary complaints people had about the last one (Part I) was that “Women as Background Decoration” isn’t a trope. Let me just clear that up – yes, it is. A trope is any sustained metaphor or […]

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Gen Con Review – Family Fun Found All Around

by Vivian Obarski I’ve been attending Gen Con for more than 15 years and this year I came back from it exhausted. Not in the usual “I’ve overloaded on games and as a result had no sleep” exhausted. No, in this case it was the exhaustion of introducing my daughter to gaming and ensuring that […]

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I Read A Book: Soap Opera Divas Paper Dolls

by Keidra Chaney A couple of things first: I didn’t so much read this book as I oohed and ahhed over it. Also, this isn’t so much a paper doll book as it is a paper museum of a long-vanished segment of pop culture. It’s been three years since the cancellation of All My Children and […]

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As-I-Play XCOM: Fresh Meat (Part Five)

by Kristin Bezio As I expected, getting back to the grind of abductions and UFOs is a bit of a let-down after the plot mission, but I’ve set myself a new challenge. Since five of my six regulars are fully promoted, I’ve decided to start training newbs. This is actually really annoying. At this point in the […]

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Comics Review – Seconds

by Jordan Dinwiddie – Guest Writer They say the second effort is the hardest. Well, how about the eighth for Bryan Lee O’Malley?  Bringing us his follow-up to the massively popular Scott Pilgrim series, you’d think that he wouldn’t have much to talk about.  A story about second chances and perhaps O’Malley’s second phase of his career, […]

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NCAA Football 13 has lots of logos featuring those who made money on the game -- but excluded from making money were the two players featured, Robert Griffin III and Barry Sanders.

Taking Your Talents to PS3: What Does the Latest Student Athlete Decision Mean for Videogames

By Raizel Liebler So what does the O’Bannon decision regarding student athletes being possibly paid mean? If you are in control of sports in any way, nothing good – and therefore the decision will be appealed. But for student athletes, this is another step in the process to ensure that they are properly compensated for […]

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Where’s Gamora? Hey Marvel, if you make it – WE WILL BUY IT

By Vivian Obarski It’s getting to be that time of the year again — aka the most wonderful time of the year for most parents. Many of us are heading out to get school supplies, backpacks and new clothes in anticipation of another fall when the kids head back to school. So it wasn’t unusual […]

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