As-I-Play XCOM: Final Battle! (Part Nine)


by Kristin Bezio So, as the title suggests, this is about the final battle. I was anticipating a horrible, long, drawn-out slog requiring a lot of restarts. I had a few issues with accidentally sending my soldiers to places I didn’t want them to go (because the room has multiple levels, I had some issues […]



I Read A Book: Exile on Guyville (33 1/3 series)

by Keidra Chaney Music writing tends to gets a bad rap, but for good reason, I’ll admit. For one thing, it’s hard to find much that stands out in an age where listicles and hastily written think pieces endlessly proliferate online. But to be fair, music has always been difficult to write about – the […]

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TLF Sonic Squee: Songs of Innocence – U2

by Vivian Obarski I should state right now I am not a completely objective U2 fan. I love the band. I love how their lyrics are searching and the broad anthemic qualities. I love Bono’s ego and naked desire to be adored by everyone. I love Edge’s guitar (still echoing from the early 80s pop) […]

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Black Girls Are In The Future

by Keidra Chaney This past week was the 48th anniversary of Star Trek‘s premiere as a TV series on NBC. Coincidentally, this week I also listened to an old interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Nichelle Nichols, as she talked about her iconic role as Lt, Uhura, and her career-altering conversation with Dr. Martin Luther […]

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As-I-Play XCOM: The Chamber (Part Eight)

by Kristin Bezio So having finally got Moira fully upgraded in Psionics and everything else, I click on the fun purple button (Gallup Chamber) and start a mission which the game warns me I can’t go back from, so my soldiers had better all be healed and all my research done. Research is maxed, rooms […]

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As-I-Play XCOM: Girl Fight (Seven)

by Kristin Bezio So since I now know about the Valkyries achievement (play a mission with all women), I had to get it. What I learned is that playing with two snipers (Moira and Susan) is annoying, and I really really wish I’d had another Heavy (I have one female Heavy, and she’s great, but […]

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Michigan Law Review copyright policy

I Got 99 Publishing Problems and Copyright Is One of Them: Top Law Reviews

by Raizel Liebler Editor’s Note: This is a new series based around common copyright and publishing problems. Hopefully, this post will change policies of some of these journals — and therefore the information will be updated at least yearly. The next post in this series will focus on intellectual property journals. Law review article authors […]

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I Read A Book: Euny Hong’s The Birth of Korean Cool

by Raizel Liebler To badly quote Bart Simpson after going on a Squishee bender, this is the book I’ve been telling you about. Or at least this is the book I have been waiting for — to explain everything from Psy to kimchi to soft power. Euny Hong‘s The Birth of Korean Cool: How One […]

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I Read A Book: Displaced Persons

by Sarah Best – Wilson Displaced Persons, a graphic novel written by Eisner-nominated author Derek McCulloch and illustrated by Anthony Peruzzo, has a plot that might appeal to Whovians who also love noir movies like The Big Sleep. In 1879, an orphan is taken to a convent. In 1939, a private detective is put on […]

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As-I-Play XCOM: Hold Your Fire! ( Part Six)

by Kristin Bezio So after spending a good long time failing repeatedly to take down UFOs with my Demon and Raptor ships (and then being yelled at by the Council for failing, despite having the ENTIRE PLANET at a level one panic – again, except Argentina, who quit), I FINALLY brought one down and was […]

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