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by Keidra Chaney One of the sad casualties of the so-called “New Golden Age of Television” is the soap opera. Yes, yes, we have a ton of soap-like TV shows on the air right now: Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, Nashville, Jane The Virgin, Empire. But for all of those shows, the label […]



Actually, It’s Actually about Ethics in Journalism: Recent Korean Dramas About Journalism

by Raizel Liebler If you want to take a break from North American real and fictional scandals about ethics in journalism, I invite you to watch two recent Korean shows that consider what it means to be a reporter. However, if you are looking for gritty realism, keep walking – both shows take steps away […]

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As-I-Play Dragon Age: Inquisition – Not in the Hinterlands! (Part Three)

My first not-the-Hinterlands place is the Fallow Mire. Rainy and dark. One of the things about DAI that I noticed right away is that the art folks are obsessed with shiny. Khaaras’s hair and skin are shiny. Everyone’s outfits are shiny. And when you have a whole level that’s pouring rain, EVERYTHING is shiny. I’m […]

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Is Rowan Pope a “Tiger Parent?”

by Vivian Obarski If you’re no stranger to Keidra and I discussing Scandal, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been focusing on Rowan Pope and his relationship with Olivia in our talks. While our discussions have ranged from how Stevie Wonder has shaped a generation of African Americans and comparing him to Magneto, I’m starting to […]

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This is the Rewatch: Teen Wolf, S1E2 ‘Second Chance at First Line’

By Taylor Plume. Disclaimer: I may be guilty of paraphrasing quotes to aid my awful jokes. We open on shirtless Scott McCall, in the locker room, before lacrosse practice, having a completely appropriate breakdown about how his girlfriend’s father shot him with a crossbow. Never mind the over-protective father trope. Mr. Argent would be gunning […]

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This is the Rewatch: Teen Wolf, S1E1 ‘Wolf Moon’

By Taylor Plume. I feel that perhaps such a warning shouldn’t be necessary for an episode summary of a show that’s been out for over three years, but SPOILER ALERT. We good? All right. Cool. So, we open on a bunch of police cars, and police dogs, and try not to miss the dramatic irony […]

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As-I-Play Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Unending Hinterlands (Part Two)

I will not be giving you a run-down of everything I’ve been doing in the Hinterlands, mostly because it would take up at least five single-spaced pages of blathering about collecting herbs and iron and drakestone, chasing apostates and Templars, and doing so many fetch quests that I start having flashbacks to Borderlands. At least […]

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7 Reasons You Should Join the Teen Wolf Trash Pile

By Taylor Plume. I love Teen Wolf. I say this without any sarcasm or shame. It is one of my favorite TV shows, right up there with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It has that special mix of absurdist, tongue-in-cheek humor and horrible people being horrible to each other. It […]

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As-I-Play Borderlands 2: Failure and the Enkindling (Part Seven)

by Kristin Bezio Off to fetch Roland. I take my shiny new car to the gate of the bloodshot compound, honk, and they lower the gate…. which nevertheless obstructs my ability to drive into the compound. (Do they have some sort of garage to put the car in? Where are the rest of the cars, […]

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All Hail the Cho-verlord!

by Viv Obarski This should’ve been John Cho’s year. For awhile he floated around as “Hey it’s that guy from American Pie!” and then rose to relative prominence thanks to Harold and Kumar. But instead of getting bigger roles that other actors would have gotten, Cho’s always seemed to be stuck in the supporting role […]

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